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Ferrari 612

ferrari 612

The 612 replaced the long lived 456. The interior was completely changed from the earleir cars. It is several steps higher in both quality and sophistication. Our 612 collection is made up mostly of parts common to other Ferari models. If you don\'t see a part you are looking for, contact us as we are always looking to add something new.

Ferrari 430/599/612 Handbrake PN: MAF.599.302 Ferrari does not make a carbon handbrake for the 430 or 599. Replace your worn leather one with our carbon version. Includes the button as well. The Console Button Surround is shown and available separately
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Ferrari Air Vent Carbon Ring Set (Inner & Outer) PN: MAF.100.32B Ferrari put these five circles of plastic in a prominant position on the dashboard of their beautiful cars! Replace that sticky plastic with our carbon air vent ring set. Installation is easy as the rings just pop off. The set includes five inner and five outer rings.
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Ferrari Air Vent Inside Ring Set PN: MAF.100.31 Add a subtle bit of customization to your 360, 430, 550 or 575. Replace the inside plastic ring of the air vent with our carbon version. Easy installation that can be done by the owner. Set includes five inside rings. Outside ring is not included.
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Ferrari Air Vent Outside Ring Set PN: MAF.100.101 Our outside ring set directly solves that sticky vent problem while keeping the interior ring stock. These will look great in a 360CS or 430 with the carbon dash. Our favorite ring version! (Inside ring is not included.)
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