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Sticky Refinishing

We started MAcarbon in 2004. Probably the first call we received was not for carbon but “Can you fix my sticky switches?” All this time we’ve regretted that for our customers, even after buying every carbon part we offered, there was still sticky stuff to do. So we just referred customers to the other guys that were out there. But after thirteen years, we finally decided that now was the time to bring the MAcarbon approach to this critical problem.

Developed and implemented in conjunction with our partner, Jota Designs, MA’s sticky solution is not just rattle-can black paint and label machine printed stickers. We use a premium, European made, soft touch style paint with precise graphics that still light up. For each graphic, we make a vector drawing for a perfect paint mask. But the big difference between us and others is that we bring the same level of care to sticky fixing that we’ve been bringing to carbon since 2004.

Please contact MAcarbon for a quote on your car. For some items, we will be keeping inventory of refinished parts. For most items however, it will require sending the parts in. Turnaround time is 3-4 weeks depending on the current work level.

997/987 Gen1 Climate Control Switch/Buttons Refinishing
The switches Porsche used on the Gen1 997 and 987 climate control unit turn sticky! Replace your old switches with our refinished switches. Our switches are refinished factory pieces that feature the same OEM style soft touch coating with icons that light up. We'll send you out a pair of refinished switches for you to install in your unit. (We do not provide the AC unit itself.) You then send back your old pieces. Your car will not be down for any length of time. If your PCM knobs are worn as well, might as well replace them at the same time. Porsche does still sell them. Have us get them for you, piggy backing with your AC switch order.
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Gallardo E-Gear Button Refinishing
The E-Gear buttons on the Gallardo are easily scratched and have a tendency to get sticky. Rather than buying a new E-Gear control unit, switch to MAcarbon refinished buttons. Its a straightforward install you can do yourself.
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Core Deposit
Ferrari Sticky Refinishing
Are the plastic parts in your Ferrari sticky and worn? Are you hesitant to touch the door handle or adjust the airvent? You don't have to live with it any longer. Those nasty parts can be replaced with carbon or you can have us refinish them. Often it will be a combination of both. If you choose refinishing, we bring our same detailed approach to refinishing as we do to carbon. All graphics are reproduced in exquisite detail. If they lit up before, they light up after refinishing. No stickers or rattle can paint with our refinishing services! Turnaround time is about 3 weeks. Please contact us to get a quote on your car.
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