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16 Inch Bundt/Barock Wheels - 3 Piece
Do you want to move to a more modern tire on your SL or other classic Mercedes? MAcarbon loves the style of the classic 'Bundt' style wheel. However, its max size is 15". We have now replicated the Bundt style but in 16". This is a brand new, forged, 3 piece wheel. We have designed it with the bolts on the backside (rather than the usual front) in order to keep the appearance as close to the original as possible. Wheel size is 16x7 with an offset of 23. It fits all SLs from 1972 to 1985. We are working on a version for the 560 and other later model Mercedes.
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New Wheel Caps And Lug Nuts
15 Inch Bundt/Barock Wheels - OEM Fuchs
Are you having trouble locating decent 14" tires for your classic Mercedes? Move instead to the factory 15" Bundt wheels so you can have a much better selection of modern rubber. With a 215/60 tire they fill out the fenders and keep the classic look of the car. Made by Fuchs for Mercedes, these are brand new German Made wheels. Don't go for reproduction wheels or 30 year old aftermarket wheels that cost $1000 and still have to be refinished! We all know refinished wheels are never as nice as a brand new wheel! Wheels will ship 6-8 days after ordering. Mercedes retail is $550 per wheel so MAcarbon saves you almost $70 a wheel. Be sure to get new caps and the OEM Mercedes metal valve stems. International buyers, please contact us for a shipping quote. Mercedes part number: 1264002202
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New Wheel Caps And Metal Valve Stems
16 Inch OEM Rims - Manhole Style - Gullideckel
One option for moving to 16" rims on a R107 is to use R129 300SL wheels, commonly known as the EVO2. This gets the larger wheel but still keeps a fairly stock appearance. Besides being larger, they are a little more aggressive looking than the 15" rim that was on the 560. MAcarbon has been able to purchase two sets of refurbished rims. Be aware that due to the higher offset, you will need to run at least a 15mm spacer on the front to clear the steering tie rods. Overseas buyers, please contact us for a shipping quote.
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Wheel Spacers for the R107
The 14" wheels on early R107s are so narrow that the cars look like they are floating over their wheels. Its almost like your R107 is going to tip over at any moment. Not a good look! The easiest way to fix that is to go with wheel spacers. We recommend German-made H&R spacers in the 25mm width. Price is for two sets of spacers to do the front and rear axles. Contact MAcarbon if you want to try a different size. Ground shipping recommended.
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Status:  In Stock!