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Gallardo Interior Package
The Interior Package includes the most popular Gallardo parts. Included are: door handles (made up of 8 pieces), carbon instrument cluster, center console hump, handbrake surround, AC Surround, aux gauges, maplight, ashtray. 15 pieces total. Rear center console, steering wheel, airvents shown but not included. Contact us if you prefer to substitute for what is normally included.
Price: $5,900.00Tax amount:
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Gallardo Door Handles
Our door handles make an amazing upgrade to the Gallardo interior! We do all four parts of the handle including the door latch! No one else does! Price is per pair. Core exchange required.
Price: $3,100.00Tax amount:
Status:  In stock!
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Gallardo Door Sills
Replace those plain black sills (or scuffed metal ones) with our solid carbon versions. The Aventador has those cheap looking metal door sills that great you every time you raise the door. Replace them with our carbon version! Price includes your own custom graphics in your choice of color - the MAcarbon is just an example of what can be done.
Price: $625.00Tax amount:
Status:  Made to Order (4 wks) Contact MA
MAcarbon Interior Install Tools
Our MAcarbon Interior Install Tool set is the key to an easy install experience! The pry tools are a semi-soft plastic specifically designed for installing your new trim pieces.The Basic kit contains 4 tools. The Deluxe adds a 5th tool and a pouch.
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MAcarbon 10 piece Interior Install Pry Tool Set
Our pry tools have become very popular among our customers. With this in mind we decided to expand our offerings. This ten piece set is professional grade and it will become your 'go-to' set when removing delicate interior components. Comes with the 10 pocket pouch shown.
Price: $50.00Tax amount:
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MAcarbon Carbon Cleaning Kit
We are often asked what is the best way to care for our carbon fiber pieces. Most cleaners have harsh chemicals that can ruin the clear coat on CF trim. Our answer is Liquid Gloss by Detailing Dynamics. Specially formulated with DyNA Brilliance the Liquid Gloss will clean and protect your interior investment. Along with the 4 oz. bottle of Liquid Gloss, you get a premium micro fiber cloth. Plus you don't have to worry about the funky smells you get from other interior cleaners - ours smells great!
Price: $12.00Tax amount:
Status:  In Stock!