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Audi RS7/S7

Audi\'s RS7 is a great perfomance sedan with the added functionality of a hatchback. If you need carbon for your RS67 contact MAcarbon for more information.

Carbon Interior For RS7/S7
Audi makes a great carbon package for the RS7/S7. Allow the carbon experts at MAcarbon to source it for you. Package includes the dash, center console and door trim. Optionally, add the upper dash trim (also an OEM piece) to complete the package. Audi retail is over $4400! Contact MAcarbon for other combinations.
Price: $3,800.00Tax amount:
Status:  In Stock - Contact MAcarbon Befo
Upper Dash Trim
RS7 Thick Flatbottom Steering Wheel
The Audi RS7 stock steering wheel is too thin. Upgrade to our thick wheel which gives the perfect increase in thickness of 3mm. If you are converting from a non flat bottom wheel, a new wheel, airbag, and harness will be required to successfully change the wheel.
Price: $3,390.00Tax amount:
Status:  Made to Order
Core Deposit
RS7 Flat Bottom Wheel Conversion
We are aware that some people don't like carbon on their wheels, but may be interested in converting their car into a Euro Spec. This includes the flat bottom RS7 Steering Wheel, Harness, and Airbag.
Price: $1,898.00Tax amount:
Status:  In Stock
Audi Carbon Fiber Extended Paddle Shifters
The stock Audi steering wheels feature small paddle shift flippers on the back of wheel. MAcarbon's paddle extensions give you a much larger surface area to shift with during agressive driving. Installation takes just a few moments and can be done by the owner. Contact us to verify which paddles you have. Be sure to buy only genuine MAcarbon extensions. Some have copied our designs but don't provide a good fit or the correct carbon weaves with the quality of our finish.
Price: $675.00Tax amount:
Status:  Out of Stock - Contact MAcarbon