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'72 350SL USA SN 0047 PN: CAR_SL.0047 What caught our attention on this SL was its serial number #047. Its the earliest type 044 that we've ever seen.There certainly were plenty of 043 350SLs made before it was. But it could be the earliest 044 stil in existence? Does that mean anything really? Who knows! We watched this SL on Craigslist for around six months as the price drifted downwards until it was irresistible. Why didn't it sell for six months? Well, the hideous wheels for one. The hideous wing for two. And a seller who didn't respond to emails for three. Despite being an Arizona car, there has been plenty of rust repair. And we found out it was originally white. Oh well! What to do with it? Well, we did throw some normal Bundts on it. And also tried every other wheel we could find. But other than that, we have no idea!
Price: Call for price
Ferrari Stradale Paddles PN: MAF.100.13 Our Stradale paddles feature the extended up-shift paddle of the 360CS. Fits perfectly on the 355, 360, 360CS, and 575M. MAcarbon logo is not included unless requested. Specify the type of car they are for.
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Status: Made To Order - Contact MAcarbon
Gallardo LP550, LP560, 570 Airbox PN: MAL.GAL.55 The later model Gallardos (550, 560, 570) need a carbon airbox! Lamborghini does not officially offer one, but MAcarbon can get a factory one for you. Contact us for details!
Price: $1,475.00Tax amount:
Status: Seven Days For Delivery - Contac
996 Instrument Cluster PN: P996.552.251.01 Frame your gauges with our carbon instrument surround. This is a part that you'll appreciate every time you get in the car. Also available for right hand drive.
Price: $495.00Tax amount:
Status: In Stock!
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Black Series Completion Package PN: Black Series Completion Package This Package finishes the CLK Black Series off. Replaces the five silver parts that should have been in carbon from the factory. Includes the glove box trim, right and left window switch surrounds, and door swoops.
Price: $1,575.00Tax amount:
Status: Made to Order - Contact MAcarbon
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